Plateau Christmas Eve Attacks: Halt carnage or we resort to self-help – Prophet El-Buba warns

A group under the aegis of Initiative for Better and Brighter Nigeria, IBBN has called on the federal government to do whatever it can to halt the killing of innocent Nigerians in Plateau State and across the country or face citizens resorting to self-help.

The group also called on President Bola Tinubu to halt his holidays and return to service security, among other things and quickly send a comprehensive bill for state policing to the National Assembly to forestall daily killing and maiming of poor struggling Nigerians.

This was disclosed by the Convener of the group, Prophet Isa El-Buba while addressing journalists in Jos the Plateau State Capital on Thursday.

IMONEWS recalls that on Christmas Eve over a hundred people were killed, many injured, houses and means of livelihood destroyed in over twenty communities in Bokkos and Barkin Ladi LGAs of the state.

In reaction, El-Buba said, “I’m grieved waking up for the umpteenth time, to the provocating and heart-wrenching news with accompanying gory images of mindless and gruesome massacre of innocent Plateau citizens in Bokkos, Mangu and Barkin-Ladi villages.

“These usually unhindered and unabated organised invasions and carnage by Fulani militia terrorist elements on an obviously land grabbing and annexation missions on the Plateau is one too many recurring incidents that are beginning to give credence to insinuations that indeed, there are collisions in some quarters enabling these killings.

“If not, how do you explain the government’s continued helplessness in the face of renewed and continued onslaught of its citizens every now and then?

“Are the terrorists unleashing this mayhem time and over again, spirits?

“If not what stops their deterrence with sheer counter military fire during days of continuous rampage?

“The audacious regularity and ease with which attackers operate unchallenged on the Plateau and elsewhere in today’s Nigeria honestly beats me hollow.

“I wish to give notice of our having enough and fed-up-ness with these embarrassingly provocative killings.

According to him, “If the government continues to fail serially in protecting the precious God-given life of her citizens, we won’t take it again and we will stop at nothing to mobilise our people to protect themselves from any blood-sucking and land-grabbing demon. Yes we can!

“Whatever the government must do to push back these terrorist elements must be done before the people resort to self-help.

“We say enough is enough! The people cannot continue to be the casualties of the government’s cluelessness”, the Convener decried.

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