Remembering January 14, 2020


By: Comr. Bright Eluagu, ESQ, MNUJ

I was relaxing in an eatery joint in Abuja, on January 14, 2020, when I heard that the apex court had declared the APC Imo governorship candidate during the 2019 polls, Sen Hope Uzodimma as the actual winner of the said elections.

At first, I was perplexed and at the same time ecstatic over the news, because of the respect I had for Sen Uzodimma. 

His emergence as the flag bearer of APC in the 2019 elections was visibly fought against by the defeated and fraud infested erstwhile governor of Imo State, who wanted to foist his naive son-in-law on the people of the state, at all costs.

Ex-governor Okoroacha did all he could to frustrate the ambition of the present Imo Governor, but his inordinate gimmicks to retain power by proxy were scuttled by the 'powers that be' in his party, APC, as its former National Chairman, Comr. Adams Oshomole, supported the team that dislodged his ambition.

At the end of the whole political power tussle, Sen Uzodimma was anointed by his party to lead as its flag bearer.

When Gov. Uzodimma assumed office, three months later in 2020, he appointed some of his loyalists as members of his cabinet.

I was opportuned to be appointed as a media assistant to a former Commissioner for Environment. 

I worked closely with him: defended both the policies and programs of the ministry of Environment and other parastatals of Imo State Government. 

While defending the government, I was insulted, bullied and denigrated by few members of the opposition who felt displeased with the kind of organized defense which I put up, for the government.

But as time progressed, I now realized that the Governor was drifting from what he swore to uphold during his election.

The civil servants were owed of their salaries; the pensioners were subjected to series of rigorous verifications, some of which were politically motivated before they got their pension, while some did not get their's at all, and then, the state became unsafe for the inhabitants of the state.

One had expected Gov. Uzodimma, as a leader who has been in politics for years, and one who understands the language of public governace considering his experience as a former two term senator, to be meticulous while dealing with the welfare of the state work force and that of Imo citizens, but the reverse is the case, as the Governor has continuously showed little or no serious interest in managing the crisis that ensued since he assumed office, and it might be factual to blame some fifth columnists around him for his unfriendly gesture to the people.

I have nothing against Gov.Hope Uzodimma, but I believe that he has the interest of Imo people at heart, but few disgruntled fellow around him, are bent on misleading him so that he will get the Ohakim treatment during the November 2023 Imo Governorship election.

The power to stop this plot is in his hands, as he will have himself to blame if he fails to take charge of his government, and wield his powers accordingly.

Comr Bright Eluagu, an Author, Publisher, Lawyer, Journalist, wrote from Ihitte Uboma LGA, Imo State.

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