Yuletide: Imo CPC Warns Nigerians Against Buying Expired, Fake Products


The Imo State Consumer Protection Council (CPC)  under the leadership of Hon. Mrs Obioma Okafor,  wishes to advise  the members of the public to shine their eyes on the product the tend to purchase during this yuletide season.

This was contained in a press release signed by the DG herself and made available to news men in the state.

In the release, she  appealed  to all  Nigerians to buy only NAFDAC registered products from reputable retailers, bars and supermarkets.

Obioma went further to state, that Yuletide season is a season where alot of purchases are made and people bring in a lot of commodities into the market, she therefore urged consumers to be extra vigilant, scrutinize whatever they want to buy, look at it very carefully. 

"Please don't be in a hurry, check the NAFDAC registration number, Manufacturing date, Expiring date and the validity signs on that product before making any purchase" She said. 

She continued, As we know that nefarious and unscrupulous traders use the Christmas time to push to the market expired or near- expired products for unsuspecting public to buy.

 The commission, is sincerely advising  consumers in the state and beyond to take note of the following tips to identify fake products.

1. Price: If the product is being sold well below it's normal price or doesn't seem to include normal taxes on the product, then it is probably fake 

2. Packaging : Check for poor quality packaging, spelling mistakes and unusually shaped bottle

3. Look for the contact information of the manufacturer, if it is missing, suspect the product to be fake.

4. Inspect the seal on the product. If the seal is broken or damaged, then the contents might have been interfered with and are not safe for consumption.

5. Check for fake bar codes, if you have an app on your mobile that scans bar codes, scan it and see if it is listed as the correct products.

In her conclusion she affirmed, " However, as consumers protection agency in the state, we will intensify efforts to ensure that we crack down on the manufacturers, distributors and retailers of fake and expired products". 

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