Enugu Police Clarify Viral Video of Alleged Organ Harvesting

Enugu, Nigeria  – The Enugu State Police Command has clarified the circumstances surrounding a viral video that sparked widespread rumors of organ harvesting at a local hotel.

 The video, which appeared on X.com on Sunday, showed two women being rescued from a hotel room, with claims they had narrowly escaped having their organs harvested.

One of the women in the video alleged that the men involved were armed, and she was rescued after attempting to jump out of a window when the suspects left the room.

However, in a press release shared on X.com on Monday, the police debunked these organ harvesting claims.

 DSP Daniel Ndukwe, the command’s spokesperson, stated that preliminary investigations revealed the incident was a case of extortion and fraud, not attempted murder or organ harvesting.

"The Enugu State Police Command has intercepted a viral video showing two ladies alleged to have been rescued from a hotel room in Enugu, where they were tied up in an attempt to harvest their organs by two young men," Ndukwe explained.

 "Contrary to the misleading narrative, preliminary investigation revealed a case of demanding money with menaces and fraud, not murder or human organ harvesting as being peddled."

According to the police statement, the women, who were identified as commercial sex workers, met the suspects at a hotel on Agbani Road, Enugu, on July 3rd. 

They returned to the same hotel the following day, where the men allegedly threatened, beat, and tied them up.

“At the hotel, the suspects beat and tied up the girls in the hotel’s room toilet after menacingly demanding and obtaining their phones and account details, including their Personal Identification Numbers (PINs). 

They surreptitiously found their way out of the hotel before the victims were rescued, as seen in the video.

 They further fraudulently withdrew a cumulative sum of one hundred and twenty thousand (₦120,000.00) from the victims’ accounts,” the statement added.

The police recovered a bag containing two kitchen knives and sportswear left behind by the suspects.

 An investigation is underway to apprehend the fleeing suspects.

In response to this incident, the police have urged hotel owners and managers to maintain high security standards and thoroughly screen lodgers, ensuring they obtain verifiable details before accommodation.

 Additionally, young women have been cautioned against going out with strangers to avoid falling prey to similar criminals and their activities.

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