Xmas/New Year: Akagburuonye lifts widows, widowers, orphans, clergymen others in Imo

From Everest Ezihe, Owerri

Ogbor Uvuru Mbaise ancient community in Aboh Mbaise Local Government Area of Imo State is rewriting her historical perception of being likened to the biblical Nazareth, which Chief Success Obioma Akagburuonye, a modern-day illustrious son of the community was a victim of the mockery, humiliation, injustice and penury poverty in his early years in life.

Spurred by his past, last Friday Akagburuonye assembled all the widows, widowers, less privileged, poorest of the poor, and çlergymen among others in all the churches in the community numbering over 25 churches at his Hope Rising State Secretariat Ogbor Uvuru and put mouth-watering smiles on their faces by offering each of them raw food items and cash. 
The benefitted churches are ST Simeon Anglican Church, Assemblies of God Church,  Winners Chapel, Lord Chosen Church, Rock of Ages Church, Apostolic Church, and Church of Christ.

Others include ST Theresa's Catholic Church, Jesus Intercessory Ministry,  Deeper Life Church, Believers Assembly, and ACCM among others, all in Ogbor Uvuru Mbaise's ancient but rural community.
Caption: Chief Success Obioma Akagburuonye with some of the beneficiaries in a group photograph. Pix by Everest Ezihe, Ogbor Uvuru Mbaise.

It was an occasion where some people who felt depressed and neglected based on vicissitudes of life were renewed and restored with hope and confidence as each received his or her packages with an overt ambiance of happiness and gratitude.

Akagburuonye who is popularly known and addressed as Akaraugo Mbaise spontaneously erupted with songs of worship and praises being emotionally touched by the level of happiness being expressed on the faces of the beneficiaries.

With intermittent tears of joy rolling down his cheeks, he advised the people on no account should they blame anybody or God for their woes reminding them of the death of many.
He further admonished them, that man is the architect of his or her destiny insisting that every opportunity one has in life to help humanity should be adequately utilized to avert the wraths of God.

According to him, "Every man is equal before God. That people are unequal is a mere product of opportunity and grace. It's an abomination for one to use God's given opportunity to reap off, humility and oppress others. Certainly, every opportunity God gives you and you did not use it to serve God and humanity, obviously you must account for it.

" I didn't call you here, to show you, how rich I am, neither did I call you, to tell you how poor you are. It's a mere opportunity that makes a man different from others if not everybody is equal before God. Neither did I call you to tell you that this person or that person is better off. My invitation is simply for us to join hands together and thank God for making it possible for us to see the end of 2023 and move on together as brethren united in love for 2024.

" And to tell you, that as you are still alive, you are still counting and God knows about you. It's only the dead that don't have hope, so far you are alive, no matter the condition, be it known to you that you are still in God's plan. Your time may come any moment from now and your level will change. Never lose hope nor despair because dream dies hard. Never write off yourself no matter what. Don't ever count yourself off, don't blame yourself or anybody for your challenges, and never give up. All I want you to do from today, if you are not doing it, is to hold God firm, trust Him, and always tell Him to bless you.

" There's no special thing for any special person, am from this village and am a living witness. Receive whatever am giving you with cheerful joy and in appreciation of whatever God has done in my life, my prayer is that God will do the same in your lives and families, Amen  Receive it with the mindset that God changed the story of one, Nwafo. I grew up hearing people saying Nwafo na Umu, honestly, it was not a complimentary remark was so ridiculous and mockery, like can anything good come out of Nazareth( Nwafo), but today am pleased to tell you that the good God we are serving has changed the story.

" My major mission is to share the goodness of God in my life with you, that as far as He remains God, He will NEVER change and He will touch each and every one of you. Thus, God said ,celebrate with those who are celebrating, mourn with those who are mourning. Never you, be indifferent in people's life " he advised.

Responding on behalf of the widows, Messrs Gladys Ogulado and Priscilla Onyeoziri of Rock of Ages and Church of Christ churches respectively exalted the philanthropist as God sent and pillar of their families since their husbands died and prayed for God's abundant blessings upon his life and that of his family.

Just as Messrs Ernest Anowe and Silas Nwanosike of ST. Theresa's Catholic church and ST. Simeon Anglican church respectively electrified the happy environment with melodious songs of praises and gratitude, described the philanthropy as the first of its kind since the existence of the community and enjoined the beneficiaries to continue to pray for the Ambassador of Christ.

Adding their voices, Rev Charles Obasi, Rev. Gideon Nwamadu and Pastor Samuel Ezendu on behalf of the men of God further described youthful Akagburuonye as the eyes of Ogbor Uvuru Mbaise community, prayed that as he remembers them that God will continue to bless and prosper him.

Highlights of the ceremony, apart from handing over of bags of rice and cash to each of the beneficiaries, there was  sumptuous refreshments with Christian band melodiously oozing out inspirational songs all to the glory of God.

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