Family Demands Justice After 22-Year-Old Nurse Dies Mysteriously in Boyfriend’s Home in Imo State

The family of Ginika Judith Okoro, a 22-year-old nurse, is seeking justice following her mysterious death in her boyfriend's house in Imo State.

 Ginika was found unconscious in the home of Charles Ndukwu in Ezeogba, Awaka, Owerri North Local Government Area, and later pronounced dead.

Mrs. Caroline Nneji, the mother of the deceased, recounted the tragic event to Punch Newspaper. "My only daughter died last Sunday when she visited a young man called Charles.

 My only daughter who was 22 years old was raised by us. She has a chemist shop where she treats patients and you know as a nurse she goes to patients’ houses sometimes to treat them.

 This fateful Sunday, she visited a young man and died in his house. My only eye has gone. What sin did I commit that cannot be forgiven?” Mrs. Nneji lamented.

The incident reportedly occurred on June 2, 2024. Around 9 PM, Charles Ndukwu visited the Nneji household to inform them that Ginika had become unconscious and was taken to the hospital, where she was declared dead. 

According to Ginika's stepfather, Mr. Nneji, the tragedy unfolded after she consumed pepper soup bought by her boyfriend.

"The suspect, Charles Ndukwu, told us that he went and bought pepper soup for our daughter, but she became unconscious after taking the pepper soup, and he rushed her to Edochie Clinic, Awaka in Owerri North where she was confirmed dead by the presiding doctor," Mr. Nneji explained.

In response to the family's distress, the police have arrested Charles Ndukwu and are currently conducting an investigation. 

The grief-stricken parents are urging the Nigeria Police and the state government to uncover the truth behind their daughter's untimely death and ensure justice is served.

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